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mercredi 26 septembre 2012


Hi, I'm Camille and I am working on a new illustration project:

A survival guide for erasmus students

It should be a little collection of tips, tricks, anecdotes, recepies... Everything that could help erasmus and international students to find their benchmarks, to get through all the administrative tasks, to save money and to make friends (all of this in a new language!)

I want to achieve a funny and friendly little object that can be taken everywhere and stay in a pocket.

In terms of image, it will be at first a layout work. I want dynamic pages that maybe look confused or messy (but that actually have a supported construction). And I want the illustrations to be very alive and spontaneous.

I think this kind of guide does not exist yet for erasmus student or are difficult to find; however it can be really useful. Being an Erasmus student is a very confusing experience because everything is new and different. I feel like I really missed this kind of thing, it would have been very useful and reassuring.
I also really feel that I need to talk about my current experience, wich is very strong and about wich I have a lot to say. I am producing things about it anyway, so I might as well use it in my work.

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