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lundi 15 octobre 2012

Practical considerations

Organisation of the work:
1. General idea, first drawings and first layout researches; structure of the content
2. Layout researches / text writing (I work these two in parallel, they have to be really linked and to work toegether). I have to think to the title pages as much as the content pages.
3. Illustrations execution (Actually I will also do this in parallel with the first things, but this is a more finished stage)
I will use color pencils and black marker. There will also be some photographs. But the most important part of the work will be the page layout, wich I will produce on Indesign.

4. Finalisation of the layout (corrections to typography, language, illustrations...)

5. Choice of the paper, printing, binding (it could be interesting to pass by a selfpublishing website, like Inky little fingers. It may cost more or less 55£ for 10 digitals)

 Type of object:

I want to obtain a little book that can be kept in the pocket and taken everywhere (type pocket book). I want a handsome object but not too precious (standard white paper, that can maybe remind flyer paper). I want it to be flexible even if it have a certain thickness.

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